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Friday, 9 September 2011

Emotional Freedom Technique For Writers

I have recently come across an article about the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique to alleviate writers block and to overcome self doubts when writing.
I too often feel that what I am writing is just not of a good enough standard and feel like giving up on partially completed work.
This is a technique that I am planning to give a try.
EMT is sometimes referred to as “acupuncture without needles” as the technique involves you tapping on acupuncture points on your body while focusing on an issue that is holding you back. While tapping you are required to repeat a phrase that you construct to help remove the mental block.
It is a simple technique that is easily learned and can be done anywhere.

It is believed that this method allows you to re-programme your subconscious to work for you instead of against you.

Please take a look at the videos below. 

How to do it

EFT for Procrastination and Perfectionism 




EFT for Writer's Block

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