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Saturday, 28 January 2012

4 th Feb Is A Great Day To Start A New Writing Project !

I have still been delving deep into the mysteries of witch craft this week. While reading about the importance of the power of the moon and stars positions when casting a spell I came across an interesting fact.
Saturday 4th February is a new waxing moon. Yes I had never heard of it before either.
The moon orbits Earth and doesn’t cast any light of its own. The reason we see it is because the light from the sun is reflected off it. It takes 28 days for the moon to fully orbit Earth and during this time it goes through four main phases: the full moon, the waning moon, the new moon and the waxing moon. 
The waxing moon comes between seven and fourteen days after the new moon.
The waxing moon is believed to be a time of great positive energy and brings with it luck, inspiration, courage and success.
So if there is a new writing project or novel you have been thinking about Saturday 4th February is your day to start it.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Need A Good Luck Spell ?

Can`t believe it is Friday already . I have had a good week and feel very focused concerning my writing.
As well as still bashing away at my novel I am writing some short stories too. One of my new years resolutions was to start entering writing competitions. To have a bit of variety in my writing week instead of just focusing on one project.
At the minute I am also researching the history of Witches and spells for a story idea I have been thinking about for a long time. The problem is I love doing research and could spend days reading new things. The week just does not seem long enough for all that I want to do. But I am going to try my best to keep organised this year to try and help fit it all in.
As it is a new year and a new start here is a little good luck spell for you to bring you a good 2012. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Find a quiet corner at the end of your day and repeat to yourself

Wondering magic bring to me, 
In this life the luck I need,
So all my angles can be seen,
And thus fulfil my every dream,
Combined earth and fire, 
Bring forth my hearts desire,
Guardians of the sea,
Keep all harm from me.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lothaire By Kresley Cole

I am currently reading Kresley Cole`s brilliant new book and this song really reminds of the three main characters.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Blog !

One year ago today I started this blog. 
I was inspired to begin this task due to an article I had read in the UK Writing magazine. My goals last January were to create a research base for others starting out in their writing journey. I wanted to include links to writing and research sites as well as to authors home pages. I also wanted to include interesting writing topics for beginners.
I  may not have succeeded in my 2011 new years resolution of getting a great deal of writing completed but I did succeed in creating a blog I am very proud of .
Through my continuing research for my blog I have learnt a great deal about the art of writing, publication, and self promotion. 
I have also been fortunate to gain some new friends along the way. 
I hope this time next year by blog is still going strong. 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas !

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and I will see you again in the new year :)

p.s don't forget to look at this tonight

Track santa 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Early Christmas Treat For Kindle Readers & Vampire Fans

For paranormal romance/urban fantasy fans who own a kindle here is a nice treat for you. Amazon UK is now offering the first eight books of Lara Adrian`s Midnight Breed series for only £1.49 each     ( paperback £5.00) !!!! Amazon US is offering first eight books at $2.33 ( paperback $7.99) !!!!
If you are a fan of Gena Showalter or J R Ward you will most definitely love this series. 

Amazon UK 

Amazon US 

The Breed are vampires that have existed amongst humankind for thousands of years. Within the Breed are a band of warriors called The Order who exist only to stop the deadly activities of the rogue vampires.
They  are fighting a dangerous war against the rogue`s and against the  bloodlust that could turn them. It is there destined breedmate that can give them peace.
I am on book five so far and they are very addictive.

If you would like to know more about this series and the author have a look at 

Lara Adrian The Midnight Breed Series

Go on treat yourself!

December = Busy, Busy, Busy!

It`s that time of year again. I can`t believe how quickly it seems to come round. December always seems to bring with it lots of madness, stress and running around. Although not snow this year so far.
The 1st of the month started with the usual argument with my children about why they can`t open every door on their advent calendar on day one and eat all the chocolate.
Then the school and nursery`s Christmas itinerary comes home. What joy for parents! So far we have completed 2 nativities, 1 school disco, 2 school/nursery Christmas dinners, 1 school party, 1 Christmas craft making event, put decorations and tree up as well as writing 60 cards for my children's friends.
This week ( which is the last week of school) we have 1 nursery party, 1 school Christmas fair, 1 school carol service, 2 birthday parties and a Father Christmas visit.
I will be glad to sit down at the weekend. Sunday night is Mummy's night! All the Mummy's from my daughters reception class are having a very well deserved chinese meal out together. I am really looking forward to it.
I have also completed all my Christmas shopping, done half of the wrapping and finished my NANOWRIMO! Well, my nanowrimo was 10 days late but I will not tell anyone if you don`t.
I hope you are finding the time to enjoy the festivities.

Merry Christmas

If it is all getting a bit too much here is some stress relief for you :)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Failing NaNoWriMo But Thats Ok!

It is now heading towards the end of week four of the life consuming NaNoWriMo.
Today is day 25 and I should be (cough, cough) at 41, 675 words. Should be but I am sorry to say my word count does not even look close. I have been trying, really. If I keep working at it I will even finish this year!
Week one I had lots of enthusiasm and ideas and the writing flowed easily. Week Two worries about my three year old sons health made it hard for me to concentrate and to stay committed to my writing. I had to put my son first.
From week three I swapped quality for quantity and tried to write furiously to catch up.  Previously I was pleased with what I was writing and how the story was progressing but from this point my story was turning into something that even I would not want to read. I know that the point of NaNoWriMo is to put quantity before the quality of your writing. And that if your story is stalling you are advised to throw anything such as aliens or murder into the mix just to up the word count. But I find that by writing silly pointless twists and turns makes be feel like a totally rubbish writer. As I said before it then ends up like a story even I dislike. What is the point? I have started to feel like I am killing a story I was proud of.
Plus I don`t know if it is because I am of a much lower intelligence than those people who reach 50,000 words during week 2 but I just can not write fast. I am not a fast thinker or writer, sorry. But does that make me a failure as a writer? Does that mean I will never succeed? I don`t think so. I am just happier working at my own pace. 
NaNoWriMo works for some people and not for others.
Anyone else who has had their confidence knocked by NaNoWriMo please read this

Are You A NaNoWriMo Failure ?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Rollercoaster Ride That Is NaNoWriMo Week 2


Now we are all at the end of the second week of our mad writing dash. The finishing line is so close yet so far *sigh*.
This week the " not good enough" doubts crept in and I started to lose my motivation. Last week I had lots of ideas and was loving every minute of it. But this week the trying to juggle my busy week around writing took some of the fun out of it. I have had a couple of nights where I really meant to write but ended up falling asleep instead.
My 3yr old son has not been sleeping well this week and has also been wanting to get up at 5.30am every day which is not nice. Also this week he was diagnosed with asthma ( refer to previous post). 
Wednesday I had a very naughty day. I sat on my backside all day and read Sherrilyn Kenyon's new book The Guardian.
OMG !!! If you are a fan of this type of fiction you have to read it!!! It is one of her best and amazing. She creates so much emotion and empathy in her book that you are gripped. I really, really loved it.  I have a soft spot for hero`s who are emotionally broken and beat down at the start but gains enough inner strength and courage by the end to be there for his true love.
I am glad I spent the time to read this book because it has reminded me of the type of writer I want to be. Sherrilyn Kenyon inspires me.

The Guardian By Sherriyln Kenyon

If you are a Kenyon fan and you enjoyed Wren`s story in Unleash The Night ( my favourite, well joint favourite now) you will really love this one. 

Unleash The Night By Sherrilyn Kenyon 

 Go on treat yourself  :)

Yesterday I managed to do about 80% of my Christmas shopping. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make you feel better.

Today I am feeling refreshed and recharged and am ready to take on week 3.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Your NaNoWriMo Daily Word Count Target

If you were writing the minimum daily number of words every day in order to pass the finishing line on 30th November this is what your word count score should be looking like

DAY 1 : 1,667 WORDS

DAY 2 : 3,334 WORDS

DAY 3 : 5,001 WORDS

DAY 4 : 6,668 WORDS

DAY 5 : 8,335 WORDS

DAY 6 : 10,002 WORDS

DAY 7 : 11,669 WORDS

DAY 8 : 13,336 WORDS

DAY 9 : 15,003 WORDS

DAY 10 : 16,670 WORDS

DAY 11 : 18,337 WORDS

DAY 12 : 20,004 WORDS

DAY 13 : 21,671 WORDS

DAY 14 : 23,338 WORDS

DAY 15 : 25,005 WORDS

DAY 16 : 26,672 WORDS

DAY 17 : 28,339 WORDS

DAY 18 : 30,006 WORDS

DAY 19 : 31,673 WORDS

DAY 20 : 33,340 WORDS

DAY 21 : 35,007 WORDS

DAY 22 : 36,674 WORDS

DAY 23 : 38,341 WORDS

DAY 24 : 40,008 WORDS

DAY 25 : 41,675 WORDS

DAY 26 : 43,342 WORDS

DAY 27 : 45,009 WORDS

DAY 28 : 46,676 WORDS

DAY 29 : 48,343 WORDS

****DAY  30**** : 50,000 WORDS