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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Overview of my week

The weekend is here again.Where does the time disappear to . I have had a semi productive week but got distracted with my search for a writing programme to help me get more organised.

I really like the look of Scrivener but at the minute it is only for MAC and i need windows. A windows version will be coming out this year (no date announced as yet) but me being Little Miss Impatient i wanted something to use now!
Although you are able to download a public Beta trial version to test. But be warned it still has development problems

Yesterday was for the first time in months a kids free day.Was i writing?No.
I was a bit naughty and just spent the whole day playing with two writing software programmes you can download for free off the Internet called




Storybox is free to use but you will get pop ups requesting you to help pay for the running costs.

So far i prefer storybox.I have got the hang of most things on there but there are still a couple of things i am not sure about.  Give all these systems a look.

Change of subject but it is funny how you get inspiration in the strangest places. Yesterday morning i was sitting in the doctors office waiting to go in but had forgotten to bring a book, or a note pad and did not fancy reading one of the magazines on offer about the latest diet or who is sleeping with who.
So there i sat bored looking around the room when i noticed a large framed photo on the wall of a deep bottomless black hole in a glacier.It had a caption that said "Who lives here?"
A light bulb popped on in my head. What if a mythical evil creature was frozen in a glacier that then started to melt? Damn, there i sat with no note pad or pen.Broke the writers rule No.1. But now i have great ideas for my next book :)


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  2. Hi! I'm a new follower. Found you through Shah's Weekend Creative Blog Hop.

  3. Hey chicky!

    I was going to suggest yWriter5, but I see you have done download it. There is a program out there called White Smoke (or something like that) that is a good writer's tool. However, you have to pay for it and I am not to keen on paying for something I haven't heard people use before.

    I haven't tried using yWriter5 as of yet. I still do files and folders on my computer. That is the only way so far I have been able to keep track with things.

    Just thought I would drop by and wish you happy writing! =]

  4. I just dropped by in the blog hop. I am delighted that I learned something new today. I am in the middle of writing my first novel and after 150 pages it is becoming a bear! My genre is supernatural/with aliens/steampunk.

    Happy writing! :)

  5. I saw today you follow me on Twitter...thanks! I have been coaching novice writers for a long time and can steer you in a few directions to make your journey to publishing a bit less chaotic. For your main characters...hero and want to understand their inner (emotional) and outer (external) Goals, Motivations and Conflicts. To strengthen your lead characters, their GMC's should--must--conflict so the story becomes an adventure to the reader on how these characters will work out their differences and arrive at their happy ending. There is a lot of information on the internet on Goals, Motivations and Conflicts. A friend of mine, Debra Dixon, wrote the book.
    Kimberley Dehn
    Writer Interrupted:!/KimberleyDehn

  6. thank you everyone for all your support.You have made my day :)