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Thursday, 13 January 2011

We are all ill here so are having a miserable week. I am sorry that I have been unable to start my blog properly like I wanted to. Please hang in there, it is coming.Not going to meet my target word count for the month either.Hoping for fresh (healthy) start monday!!


  1. Rule #1 - If you write, you're a writer. Period.
    Rule #2 - Don't apologize. Writers get sick, just like doctors and lawyers get sick.
    Rule #3 - Claim it. IOW, believe in yourself. If you don't have confidence in your writing, why should anyone else?

    Here's a litte motivational I keep taped to my desk (I do not know the name of the author):

    Even if you have other things to do.
    Even if it sucks.
    Even though it's hard.
    Even though there are no guarantees.
    Even if no one else cares.
    Even though it's difficult to be objective.
    Even if you think you got it right the first time.
    Even though you hate it.
    Even if you're sure it's a waste of time.
    Even if it's to a small non-paying publication.
    Even if you feel you're not ready.
    Even if you hate rejection.
    Even if you know you'll never be accepted.
    You're a writer. Act like one.

    ~Author Unknown.

    One day, one word, one paragraph, one revision at a time. Never give up.


  2. Thanks ever so much. That is just what i needed to hear right now. I am having a "i am terrible so why am i bothering" week.
    Thanks again :)