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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Counting Down to The Mad Month

This is half term week which means children are off school and nursery.
I am not getting as much NaNoWriMo planning as I wanted but it is still only Wednesday. I really want to do well this year and have many ideas swirling in my head. 
My little girl is going to be five years old next week. It is very scary where the time goes. This week I am busy getting things ready for her Halloween fancy dress party on Saturday. I have invited 24 five year olds!!!!!
I really hope it goes well.

At the minute a book I am finding useful is Writer With A Day Job (UK)

Writer With A Day Job (USA) 

This is not one of the usual guides to getting published but a book about how to stay committed to your dream even with the stresses of a job, family, and other responsibilities life throws at you. It shows you how not to let life get in your way. That it is possible to do it all.
Aine Greaney "provides the exercises, inspiration, and techniques you need to build creative expression into your daily life and establish the productive writing life you`ve always wanted."


  1. Dear Catherine,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my book and that it's helpful to your writing life. Yes, it's not easy balancing it all, and sometimes, it boils down to sheer persistence and a stubborn streak.

    You might also enjoy the companion blog, with some guest writers who share their own successes, tips and struggles with the old day-job-writing gig.

    The very best for your writing life,
    Aine Greaney

  2. I'm sick and furious because I've been really looking forward to nanowrimo - my first this year. I'll still participate, but won't be packing the energy I may need. I also have visitors for two weeks of it. LIFE!!

    Wondered if you are into writing challenges or Horror stories? Or linky's?

    If you were interested in the writing challenge to link up your story/poem Wednesday(ish) here’s the prompt:

    Have a great weekend, Shah. X

  3. Thank you ever so much Aine for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I always feel a pressure that if I can`t write for hours every day I will never get anywhere. That there is no point if I only have a spare half an hour. Then I get frustrated with myself. It is hard to balance everything you want to do.

    Hi, Shah I am going to do NaNoWriMo but like I have said I find that about half way through I find I am just writing rubbish to keep up. But I guess its away to keep me motivated.
    I will look into your wednesday challenge, i am definitly interested.


    Clocks went back an hour last night. I wish kids would understand. We have all been up since 5am and it is a sunday!