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Monday, 14 February 2011

Sweetest Blog Award Win !!!!!!!

Thank you Shah Wharton for nominating my blog for your award. I am really glad you enjoy it.
When i started my blog I did not want a place to just display my writing and on which to moan about my frustrations.I wanted to create a starting point for others who are also attempting to write a novel for the first time.Which is why I have included many links to sites and books that i have found useful in my research.
I have also included links to things such as music, music videos and author interviews that inspire me to keep going.I love watching the author interviews on YouTube.I have included links to some of my favourites. There are still lots more things i would like to do with this blog when i have the time and have gained more computer skills.
Thanks again!
Please check out her super site at

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  1. You are so very welcome - You deserve it and more. Great blog. Shah .X