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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Coming Out Of The Writing Closet

I have been writing on and off since my teens but have only really put my heart into it this last year. Firstly I wanted to write a book by the time I was 25, then it was by the time I was age 30. Now i am 34 years old and am scared of never fulfilling my dream. It is now that i am making a serious attempt at achieving my goal. But i feel very protective of my writing and feel like it is my little secret.
Apart from my husband not one of my family or friends know that i am writing. I fear ridicule , and if i let them read some of my work negative comments that would destroy my struggling writing confidence.
My husband knows i write but i keep my written word locked away in a filing cabinet. If he read any of my work at present i would feel embarrassed. Funny, no one even knows i have a blog.
But in maybe a years time when i have more work under my belt i am proud of how do I "come out" to people? How do I take that first step? I think many of my friends, apart from one, will be surprised. But i hope supportive.
Today I found a posting on Author Elizabeth Spann Craig blog called "Subtle Ways to Come Out of the Writing Closet". I am glad that i am not alone in my need to closet away my fragile dream. Please take a look


  1. A great way to boost your self esteem is to get published. Try looking for markets that welcome new writers. Don't worry about pay. Many markets taking new writers do not pay or will give you a contributor's copy only. That's okay. It's a way to start getting your name out there and seeing it in print. Once you get an acceptance you can send out an email to everyone announcing your publication. It'll be a great introduction to your writing.

    Good luck.


  2. You have to get over the fear of rejection and/or the fear of criticism. Criticism is part of the process. In fact, when an editor rips your story apart and makes you rebuild it, you end up with a much better story than you would have arrived at on your own. You have the anonymity of the Internet, so be fearless! It's how you grow. That's just my 2 cents.

  3. Good for you! Taking that leap towards your dreams IS hard! But you've jumped and there's not turning back...the more you write and learn and grow as a writer, the braver you will get! This writing life comes with many disappointments, rejection and hardships, but not trying and never knowing what you could have achieved seems like a harder path.