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Saturday, 14 May 2011

How To Find TheTime And Motivation To Write

Every one of us lead busy lives and find it a struggle to find enough time to write as much as we would like. There is just not enough hours in the day. 
The struggle of your ambition vying for time with your family, work, and emotional obligations can leave you feeling frustrated. My children more often than not leave me feeling physically and emotionally drained at the end of the day. 
It is easy to say "I will write tomorrow" and just veg out in front of the TV for the evening. But if you are like me the "I will write tomorrow" can stretch out for weeks and weeks. Before you know it a month has passed with no writing. 

You need to ask yourself if on your death bed do you want to look back and be proud that you never missed one episode of your favourite TV programme? Or do you want to look back and be proud that you wrote the novel you had always wanted to write? 
Life does have a habit of trying to get in the way of your dreams. 
If you are going for long stretches of time not writing why are you not writing? Is it because of no time,fear of failure, the evil procrastination, or just lack of writing space?
Every day presents a good reason not to write. But everybody has moments of time in their day which could be put to better use. It is not necessary to write for three hours straight every day. The odd fifteen minutes of writing will add numbers to your word count. No book was ever written in a day.
If possible try getting up an hour earlier every day to write or go to bed an hour later. Think of those odd minutes of “dead” time when you are not really doing anything through out the day. Seize opportunities to write when they present themselves. Have a small note pad and pen with you and write for five minutes in your car when you get to work, or in your lunch break. Or even while you are waiting for your dinner to cook.
Author Claire Cook wrote her first novel in her minivan while waiting in the car park outside her daughters swimming lesson each day
Think of the tasks you carry out each day. Unavoidable or necessary tasks such as work or caring for your family. Then think of the numerous tasks you perform that could be delegated to someone else. Finally think of the countless recreational tasks that occur; reading magazines, errands, phone calls, the internet, and the most time draining of all the TV.
Think of how many times in a week you could replace these recreational tasks with writing. That would add up to lots of minutes. Decide when you are going to replace these tasks with writing and commit to it.
Here is a link to a time table you can print out and stick above your desk. Write on it the necessary tasks you have to perform but also in bold RED when you are going to write.

Create a writing schedule and stick to it. 

Fear of failure, well that is one that I struggle with. But I hope confidence will grow with time. 

Procrastination, thats an evil monster we all fight with. 

When writing try taking phone off hook, unplug your internet connection to eliminate the temptation, help those in your house to understand and respect your need for quiet writing time. 

Space, a fancy office would be lovely but is not necessary. Place a table or small desk in a quiet communal corner of your home. Find a time when you can work undisturbed. Either during day when others are away or in evenings when the family are watching TV or sleeping. As you can see from an earlier post I write in the kitchen in the late evenings.
To be a writer takes commitment,time,sacrifice and determination.

Also if you wish to be more organised with your goals and planning for your blog here is a Blog Planning Calendar that you can print out to help you keep on track. 

Just call me Miss Organised ;-)


  1. Hi!
    I'm new, but hooked already.
    I love this post, because it seems that all I ever need to get motivated is a tiny reminder. Or even to just read a post about being motivated. That works sometimes, too.

    Stop by my blog and pick up your award! Don't forget to pass it on!

    Steph (S.B. Poscente)

  2. Thanks ever so much.You have really cheered me up.I have caught a nasty sickness bug from my kids and have been up all night with my head in a bucket.Sorry, too much detail. Thanks again