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Friday, 1 July 2011

Advice Wanted!!! Is AutoCrit Editing Wizard good?

Does anybody use  AutoCrit Editing Wizard    

Which package did you purchase?

I would really like to know if it is worth having before I buy it. 

Or does anyone know of something similar? 

Any advice would be really appreciated.


  1. I have the $47 annual fee package. It restricts you to editing 1000 wd at a time, which is annoying. However - the editing suggestions it provides are worth it I think. If I ever get published and earn a living from writing, which is my hope, then I'm not sure how important something like this will be as I'll be hiring proff editors at the end of the first draft. However, right now it teaches and corrects and allows me to put out a more polished piece.

    I'd say do the cheaper version. Its worth it. As for the more expensive annual fees, not so much.
    Shah, X

  2. I haven't tried this program, but you it sounds like smart edit, which I do use... and it's free.

    I know of a few other free programs I use, as well as some paid. Good luck!