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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesdays Words Of Wisdom. Nora Roberts.

Do your homework. If you are lacking in any of the nuts and bolts skills, structure, punctuation or grammar—study up. Also, write what you read. You can't write well what you don't read for pleasure. If it doesn't entertain you it's not going to entertain anyone else. Join Romance Writers of America. And don't say, 'I'm going to write when I find the time'—that's the most irritating thing I ever hear. Nobody finds time, you have to make it.

Nora Roberts Interview 


  1. Hi Catherine :-) I've just found your blog. Nora talks a lot of sense.

  2. Thanks for the comment Emma. I like reading writing advice from authors as it gives me the push to keep going when I am struggling with my writing.

  3. Even Nora Roberts isn't perfect. I've read books where she's misused words. It's still good advice, though.

  4. She should practice what she preach then ;)