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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My New Office Space!

After some furniture rearranging I have now moved my work desk from the kitchen to my bedroom. I know it is not that interesting but I am excited. Trying to work in the kitchen was frustrating. My children would play with any papers on my desk and pens would just disappear. I also could not leave any writing notes on display because I felt self- conscious when people visited incase they would peek a look.
Finally I have quiet and privacy. But best of all I have shelves!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!! 
No excuse not to get some work done now.


  1. It is exciting when you have a space of your own, no matter where it is. I was working off the dining room table up until a couple of months ago. I'm now in my bedroom with my own printer and desk. I trying to talk the hubby into cleanout the back room - that he uses for his junk/storage room - so I can have a full size office all to myself. Wish me luck on that one. :)

    Congrats on the new office space.

  2. I love seeing work spaces. There's the site called From the desk of (@ Very cool to see. Congrats on the dedicated space.

  3. So you are another bedroom writer Lia. Good luck with getting the backroom. Wow, a room all to yourself. Its not like we are asking to win the lottery! But I know what men are like with their things. My husband is always keeping crap..oh..sorry...useful things just incase he might need them just once in the next fifty years.
    The desk site was great K.D. I love seeing what people have on their desks. I guess it tells you alot about their personality.