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Friday, 24 June 2011

Novel Planning Worksheets

Have you ever read a novel where there are description or continuity mistakes? I have read many novels where the spelling of the characters name changes or the hair colour changes. Yes these mistakes should be picked up in the editing process but sometimes a few do sneak their way through. Errors even happen in the novels of Stephen King

When writing fiction you need to keep track of your character description and development,plot, any subplots, time line, and to make sure any clues or important events are placed exactly where necessary.

To keep myself on track I like to use worksheets. Not every writer likes to use them but I find that this method works for me.

Here are a few examples that I hope you may find helpful

The Novel Notebook 

Blank Novel Diagram 

Novel Diagram Filled In As Example 

Scene On Call Worksheet 

Ten Point Plot Template 

These are also interesting and helpful

Left Behind and Loving It Virtual Workshops 2007  

Left Behind and Loving It Virtual Workshop 2008

Left Behind and Loving It Virtual Workshop 2009 

If you scroll down I have another list of useful Worksheets below Writing Tools.


  1. I'll give them a try. I normally do all of my organizing in text and spreadsheets.

    Thanks for posting them.

  2. I really liked the Ten Point Plot template. I converted it to doc so I can import it to the research side on Scrivener. Thanks!

  3. Great links. Very cool for a beginning planner. Thank you!

  4. Great timing, I was just looking for something like this! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Glad I come in useful sometimes :)

  6. Love the links! I'm a recovering pantser and have been delving into the worksheets and outlining.

  7. Thank you! I do most of this in Scrivener, but sometimes I work better on paper. Too many distractions on the computer!

  8. The novel notebook is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for the excellent links.

  9. Good examples. I've started using Microsoft Office Onenote. It can hold random information or organized pages like these. A mixture of might be what I need to stay focused. Thanks.