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Monday, 13 June 2011

Mondays Muse. Millais - Ophelia

I really like this picture and think it is very beautiful, even though it is actually a painting of a drowned girl. I can remember once watching a film where a girl ( I think it was at the start) recreated this image with herself laying down in a river surrounded by floating flowers. The character then took a picture of herself with a camera. But I can not remember which film it was . Does anyone have any ideas? Not sure if it was labyrinth?

Here is an interesting recent article about who was the real drowned girl surrounded by flowers. 

Please take a look

Tudor coroners' records give clue to 'real Ophelia' for Shakespeare


  1. Reminds of the "If I Die Young" music video by The Band Perry

  2. You are right it does remind of the picture. I have never seen that video before. The first and only time I have heard that song was on American Idol a few weeks ago. It is Lovely. I was just wondering what the poem was in the old book they show at the end. I have looked it up and it is this

    The Lady of Shalott
    By Alfred Lord Tennyson

  3. I'm also enthralled with the painting and the movie as well. I tried to search for the movie title, tried different keywords on Google and eureka, the title for that movie is - Fire with Fire, a 1986 movie where Virginia Madsen recreated the painting into her photography project. I would love to try that as well and am hoping that I won’t drown like Ophelia.